Practice table aluminum extrusion frame

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At schools, desks are an integral part. Depending on the purpose of use, the table will be designed with different characteristics. For the purpose of performing experiments related to engineering. Anttek has successfully designed and assembled practical practice projects for a number of colleges and universities in Hanoi.

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The characteristics of practice aluminum extrusion frame.

The practice table is made entirely of aluminum frame, with various sized aluminum bars assembled by aluminum extrusion accessories such as bolts, sliders and connector aluminum corner bracket

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In addition, the table is also fitted with a monitor arm, so attaching the monitor holder to aluminum rods is easy and hight aesthetic

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The advantages of the practice table aluminum extrusion frame

The practice table aluminum extrusion frame has some advangtages.

-The strength and rigidity of the aluminum frame is solid

– Guaranteed flexibility, removable, easy to move without the need for welds

-Aluminum is anoded, no rust and no oxidation

-Ensuring  the aesthetics of the classroom

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Manufacture  practicing tables aluminum extrusion frame  

Anttek is the unit that has implemented practicing tables aluminum extrusion frame for vocational schools with hightly trained engineers and professional design and assembly capabilities. Anttek is a professional unit in the industry, specializing in providing aluminum extrusion, industrial workbenches, application workshops and other industrial products.

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Anttek Viet Nam equipment JSC.

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